On 08/12/2016 04:08 PM, Michael Siepmann wrote:

> On 08/12/2016 03:59 PM, Michael Siepmann wrote:
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> Here's what I had in mind, from the "How the limit works" thread:
> On 08/03/2016 06:34 PM, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>> On 08/03/2016 05:19 PM, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>>> Whenever there needs to be a carry-over, we use the difference
>>> between a month's charges and any outstanding carry-over from
>>> previous to reach up to the max, and thus widdle-away the carry-over >
>> over multiple months if need be.
>> Error in my wording: I meant "the difference between the max and the
>> current month's charges as the amount of any carry-over that is
>> available to be charged in a given month"
> That's what I intended to depict, but I see that how June 2016 doesn't
> do that correctly and instead depicts a situation that shouldn't ever
> exist.  Thanks for catching it, Stephen.  The "widdle-away" approach
> means we *can* carry over to the next month to avoid exceeding the
> limit, but only from any amount carried over to this month from the
> previous month.  I'll update it to depict that scenario.

How about this?:


I've tried new wording to try to make it clearer, and updated the
numbers to show a realistic "widdle-away" scenario for a couple of
months.  Fortunately most of the time this complex a scenario won't arise.

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