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>> Here's what I had in mind, from the "How the limit works" thread:
>> On 08/03/2016 06:34 PM, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>>> On 08/03/2016 05:19 PM, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>>>> Whenever there needs to be a carry-over, we use the difference
>>>> between a month's charges and any outstanding carry-over from
>>>> previous to reach up to the max, and thus widdle-away the
>carry-over >
>>> over multiple months if need be.
>>> Error in my wording: I meant "the difference between the max and the
>>> current month's charges as the amount of any carry-over that is
>>> available to be charged in a given month"
>> That's what I intended to depict, but I see that how June 2016
>> do that correctly and instead depicts a situation that shouldn't ever
>> exist.  Thanks for catching it, Stephen.  The "widdle-away" approach
>> means we *can* carry over to the next month to avoid exceeding the
>> limit, but only from any amount carried over to this month from the
>> previous month.  I'll update it to depict that scenario.
>How about this?:
>I've tried new wording to try to make it clearer, and updated the
>numbers to show a realistic "widdle-away" scenario for a couple of
>months.  Fortunately most of the time this complex a scenario won't

I think that this scenario is really hard to parse. It could also result in a 
display where you have a carryover from may and a carryover from June displayed 
in July, and that gets really busy really quickly (especially if one or more 
are also carried over to august).

I suggest that we aggregate all carryover charges. The small loss in detail is 
totally worth the simplicity, imo.

Any charges that will roll over (the negatives) will always be the bottom item 
in the list, so it's fairly easy to eyeball the rest of the list and verify 
that it is below the limit. I'm tempted to put charges from a previous month 
below fees for that reason, as well, but that feels odd to me. 
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