On 08/29/2016 01:27 PM, Michael Siepmann wrote:
> On 08/29/2016 01:45 PM, mray wrote:
>> The last meeting made clear we need to settle on what we expect the page
>> to do for a user.
>> My impression was always that MVP needs a page to satisfy the basic need
>> of people to see where there money goes in a system that is really "half
>> baked". There may be more need for many other visualizations, but for
>> this one it boils down to:
>>  "Where did my money go?"
>> (Aaron supposed to rename the tab to "Payment History" to somewhat
>> clarify its purpose.)
>> @Michael:
>> What is your opinion on that matter? - What do you think the MVP page
>> should do for the user.
> I think it includes "Where did my money go?" but also, importantly,
> "What's been happening with my pledges?".  People will pledge on
> Snowdrift.coop because they want to support projects, so it's important
> for the history page to show them what's happened each month with regard
> to their support for projects, whether or not any of their money went
> anywhere that month.
> I don't think it's OK in mid-May 2016, for example, as illustrated in
> the attached, to have the history tell them nothing about April and
> March other than that spending got carried over because the payment
> processing fee would make up more than 10%.
>> I think any discussion about page mockups only makes sense in the
>> specific context of what needs to be solved by them.
> Agreed.

I think two pages for "payment history" and "pledge history" should be
considered. They each solve separate questions: (A) "where did my money
go?" and (B) "How does this crowdmatch thing work in terms of my place
in it and the projects I support?" (i.e. understand the system via
reviewing your history as a patron). Both do seem relevant to MVP.
Combining them may make it harder than designing to separately answer
each question…

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