It's not perfect, but I think this is usable. I worked hard to capture
every aspect that would cover all the important elements, avoid
misunderstanding from people who might have the wrong guesses if things
weren't quite clear, and achieves the basic idea of a compelling
introduction from which people should jump to learning the details
and/or signing up.

Audio here:

That's a direct download to a FLAC file

Here's the script:

Both are available to the design group in Seafile as well.

The fundamental images I insist on having in the video are the ones that
show the road blocked by snowdrift (it should be blocked enough to be
clearly a problem, not just sorta snowy), the toll-road with cameras and
billboards, and the vision we want: a nice clear road with trees and no
billboards, no obstacles.

I can easily imagine other illustrations or text shown in the video to
accompany the narration, but the core thing is the road images and then
just whatever else will fill out a functional video.

We can always iterate or make updated versions later, but right now we
need a first version that's good enough to actually put live and then
start getting feedback on and be usable for our initial launch.

Aaron Wolf

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