Okay, after a great long chat with Robert, I've written a new script.
I'll record audio for it if I don't get feedback about it otherwise
really soon. It accommodates a lot of concerns Robert has but ends up as
the sort of wording I want overall:

With a road blocked by a snowdrift, everyone wants it cleared, but
nobody wants to do it all themselves. Of course, nothing gets done if
each of us waits for others to do the work.

That's an example of the PUBLIC GOODS PROBLEM where we fail to cooperate
enough to support resources that benefit everyone.

Public goods can also be things like music, software, movies, news,
research…  We'd all love to get these things for free with no
limitations. But then how could we fund their development in the first

At Snowdrift.coop, we've created a new crowdmatching system to fund
these types of projects while keeping them as free and open public goods.

When supporting projects here, you don't risk volunteering alone, and
there's no hyped-up, all-or-nothing, one-time campaigns. You just make a
pledge that says, "l'll chip in a little more for each person who joins
me!" And because we calculate our crowdmatching donations monthly, our
system combines mutual assurance with sustainable funding and

Working together, we can clear the path to a free and open future for

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