I originally favored option B. Having read all this and especially having seen the co-op example, I think option A is definitely superior for this kind of intro video.

To echo what someone said earlier, we should define ourselves by our own merits, not by contrast to something else. Option B certainly strengthens the argument (at the cost of becoming more divisive), but I would be opposed to putting any more than a single sentence that mentions how "when we can't solve the snowdrift dilemma, turn to club goods, instead." At least for this video, which will hopefully be the most widely viewed media, we should steer far clear of casting shade on club goods (and by extension, those who use them); making people feel bad for using or supporting club goods is counterproductive because it is exclusionary. See also: https://media.libreplanet.org/u/libreplanet/m/inessential-weirdnesses-in-free-software/

So, I think you two are getting lost in semantics of the metaphor that are, IMO, irrelevant, given that we've decided on option A.

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