On 07.11.2016 02:49, Aaron Wolf wrote:
> I think iterating on a video is not crazy. If we make a story-board as a
> necessary step to a video, we definitely should iterate on that before
> the video is made, but we need to be willing to make an acceptable video
> with the knowledge we may reuse some of the ideas and assets in creating
> a later updated video.

We need a story-board.
I have problems coming up with one, given the text in its current form.

> Anyway, with short time frame, I don't want to draw out debate here
> forever. Perfect is enemy of good, etc. I want to move forward. I like
> the script as is. I'm not going to refuse entirely to discuss, but I
> want to get a sense from everyone involved that we all embrace and
> accept the "perfect is enemy of good" concern and not nit-pick too much
> (which does mean also that I shouldn't fight too damn hard to block an
> edit that is okay and can let us go forward, but I will ask for some
> deference here in my part of determining the messaging).
> Attached is updated file with replies to the comments.

Ok, I take this as a rejection of my edits, so lets meet properly.

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