On 11.11.2016 22:49, J.wuensch wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm Johannes from Germany. I used to work as a visual effects artist and 
> would be happy to join the design team in order to support the whole 
> snowdrift idea. I use open source where I can, that's why my main tools which 
> I'm using are Blender, Natron, Kdenlive and Krita.
> I've never really done Character Animation or a cartoon like animation, as I 
> was more into the realistic stuff. So this would probably be new for me, too, 
> but I like challenges and perhaps I can make a valuable contribution to the 
> project. At least I can try.
> Happy to hearing from you,
> Johannes

Hello Johannes!

It is happy surprise to hear about your interest in the project.
As Aaron and Ikomi mentioned, we are in the process of creating a short,
quick and simple introduction video that will welcome new users and
explain the project to them. We don't plan to have animated characters
for this video btw - it is just too time consuming, since nobody has
expertise in that field either.

As a matter of fact I've spent quite some time to find the right tools
for this intro and settled on Natron. I'm really new to Natron and
experience a steep learning curve, coming from AfterEffects.

Currently I'm waiting for the new audiotrack from Aaron and try to
prepare some material that will speed up the process later on.
Feel free to have a look:

Feel free to rant about the poor arrangement of my nodes - I'm certain
there is lots of stuff I'm not doing right. :)

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