Sorry for the late reply.

On 13.11.2016 12:29, J.wuensch wrote:
> Hello Snowdrifters,
> Yesterday I did a quick animation test. Here is the result.
> Yes it's some character animation. If we don't need it, doesn't matter. I 
> learned quite a lot by playing with rigging and animating that character. So 
> I'm already happy. But in case that a character animation would be handy at 
> least I now know, that I could do it.

That looks nice, did you do it with Blender?
Without having a storyboard to work against there is little we can do
right now.

> @mray
> Software like Nuke and Natron is focused on high end video compositing and I 
> really love them. But when it comes to motion graphics, they can be a pain in 
> the ass and are not comparable with After Effects. It's possible but really 
> inconvenient. I don't do a lot of motion graphics, but I'm pretty sure it 
> would be easier to do them in Blender (at least for me, of course it depends 
> on how much experience one have in that program).

Maybe your concern is well founded, it is just things like the viewport
not rendering animated transparency that made me look into other
directions, maybe Blenders advantages beat its downsides after all...

> I looked into the files and everything is ok. I couldn't find any big 
> mistakes! :D I really like the fade-out. Good job so far.

Maybe you can find some time to meet up in IRC or on jitsi to get in
touch a bit more.

> @aron
> I looked into the script, too, and in the files from mray there were some 
> recordings of the script in different versions. I personally don't think the 
> last version is the best one. If it helps, I can try to put together a script 
> by mixing all versions (mray's included) and choosing, what I love most and 
> put in a few remarks and thoughts on why I chose that way.
> If you don't want to go all over it again, just tell me, it's ok. There is 
> the saying: "Too many cooks spoil the broth." And I think in some cases that 
> can be true.

Please don't consider this final material - especially not my unfinished
attempt to come up with something :P
We have to wait for a final audio version which might be quite different
from the current versions.

> That's it for now,
> Johannes
> Sent from [ProtonMail](, encrypted email based in 
> Switzerland.

Looking forward to get in touch!
Have a nice Day Johannes,

- robert

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