Okay, so we clarified a little while back that the first video to make
and to use for the home page should be a simple teaser that just says
"hi" and gives people the sense of the core idea and the topic of the
website. We can later make other videos that actually explain things.
Those other videos and/or illustrated pages / writings etc. will be
extremely important to get right, and I might push for those to follow
the gist of my original script when I thought the only video was to be a
1-2 minute full explanation.

For now, here's my draft of the under-45-second teaser intro. Please
give me feedback ASAP, and as soon as we're solid, we can start
storyboarding, and I'll record the audio.


The snowdrift dilemma asks: who will clear the public road when we all
get the results whether or not we help?

The same issue applies to funding public goods such as music, software,
movies, news, research, and so on…

So, Snowdrift.coop helps coordinate everyone with our new crowdmatching

You just pledge to donate a little bit for each patron who supports a
projectwith you. We calculate donations monthly based on the numbers of
patrons and your budget limit.

This way, each donation is matched by the rest of the community, and we
build consensus around the most promising projects.

Come join us in clearing the path to a free and open future!


Aaron Wolf
co-founder, Snowdrift.coop

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