On 24.11.2016 20:46, Aaron Wolf wrote:
> The snowdrift dilemma: Whether or not we help, we all benefit from
> clearing the public road. So, who will do the work?

We actually benefit from a clear road - not from its clearing.

> This public goods problem can also apply to music, software, movies,
> news, research, and so on…

You are juggling concepts here, in the midst of all this it is not clear
at all that you are talking about "public music", "public software", ....

Are you sure there is no time to throw in the word "free" ?

> That's why we developed crowdmatching!
> At Snowdrift.coop, you pledge to donate a little bit for each patron who
> supports a project with you. We calculate donations monthly based on the
> numbers of patrons and your budget limit.
> This way, each donation is matched by the rest of the community, and we
> build consensus around the most promising projects.
> Come join us in clearing the path to a free and open future!

looks great. getting curious where and how you choose to emphasize the
sentences :D

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