I am snipping wildly to respond to one point Stephen made:

On Sat, Dec 03, 2016 at 03:17:38PM -0500, Stephen Michel wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 3, 2016 at 2:16 PM, Michael Siepmann wrote:
>>On 12/01/2016 07:52 AM, mray wrote:
>>> On 30.11.2016 07:30, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>>> Here is a new take:
>>> * being discrete
>>> * visualizing
>>> * working with contrast
>>> my tentative 5c.
>>>   Patrons pledge *only one 10th of a cent*!!...
>>>   – but – for *every* other patron of a project.
>>>   A group of 10 agrees on paying *a cent each*!!...
>>>   – but – A *crowd* of 1000 already agrees to pay a dollar each.
>>>   When a crowd gets too big for you - step back any time.
>> I like the concreteness of $1 for every 1000 patrons, but I'm
>> concerned that it is easily misunderstood as meaning you donate zero
>> until there are 1000 patrons, then $1 until there are 2000 patrons,
>> then $2, etc.  But I like that it's easier to relate to than a tenth
>> of a cent. Maybe "1 cent for every 10 patrons" would be a happy
>> medium here? That's arguably more accurate since of course we can't
>> actually charge people in tenths of a cent increments.
> I actually had this same thought, when I was looking at the dashboard
> and thinking that it's kind of odd to display the pledge level as .5
> cents and the project income as 2.5 cents, when actually at that level
> no crowdmatch will happen.

Actually, it does happen. After a crowdmatch at this level, you will
"owe" the project 0.5 cents.

You just won't be charged. In fact, you'll never be charged fractions
of a cent.

0.5 is a really depressing number, but note that this would also be
true for a crowdmatch of $4.128. Especially if the previous month was
$1.023. After those two months, you would owe 4.128 + 1.023 = $5.151,
and you would be charged $5.15 (plus fees).

In other words, you crowdmatch those fractions of a cent, and they carry

Of course, we're talking about the difference between $5.14 and $5.15
(shock!), but I don't think we need to change how it works. This really
does match every last person.

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