> 1. showing some symbols for music, code, writings getting copied rapidly
> and seen by tons of people (a la the end of Copying Is Not Theft)?
> 2. I *really* want this line to show *both* some form of lock or paywall
> AND some obnoxious BUY NOW! type ad covering the music or writings. The
> key thing is to include ads, not only paywalls. It should be easy to
> just show a few things getting covered with some mix of locks and ads etc.

To clarify this thought: it seems easy to show multiplying music, code,
and writings files spreading around and multiplying and then show the
same files getting slapped with locks and ads covering them, as if to
show the bountiful potential suddenly getting taken away and ruined. I
hope this text is enough to express the visual I have in my head (or
inspire a better visual in others' minds!)

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