On 09.01.2017 18:41, J.wuensch wrote:
> Hey guys,
> All in all it's pretty good! But there is one thing I noticed when I read the 
> text to other people. It's the "site-wide" budget in part 7 that seems to be 
> a bit confusing.
> 7. And your pledges stay active as long as they fit within your site-wide 
> budget.
> I would replace "your site-wide budget" with "your defined monthly budget":
> 7. And your pledges stay active as long as they fit within your defined 
> monthly budget.
> Why: Firstly, I think no one will get, what you mean by a "site-wide budget". 
> It's just to abstract. I read it to two people and they didn't get that 
> part... How the mechanism of the budget is working should be easily clarified 
> on the website later. I think for the video it's only important, that you 
> know there is a budget limit that you can set yourself. If it's side-wite or 
> not, is not important in the first place. Secondly in this version it's more 
> obvious that you can define the budget yourself. And thirdly, it's an 
> additional hint, that snowdrift is about monthly payments. I know, there are 
> already two, but as this is an important point I think it's ok to mention it 
> again.

Hello Johannes,

good to hear from you and see you are following the latest development
closely! I'm looking forward to work with you from here on (creating
storyboards) once we have audio files.

Concerning your feedback:
I'm glad you bring this up as I had the exact same problem with "site-wide".

There is a trade-off between clarity and precision.
Adding the concept "site-wide vs. non-site-wide" is not required to
achieve what we want to achieve.

Many questions *will* get raised without doubt, but this video does not
need to answer them all or set things straight.
Being correct and concise trumps removing doubt at this scope.

It is *escpecially* problematic to raise that term when there is only
one site that is the very project promoting it.

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