On 11.01.2017 11:51, J.wuensch wrote:
> Hello Mray,
> I'm also looking forward to work with you on the video soon. My twin brother, 
> who worked on some VFX projects, too, would like to join the video team, if 
> possible.
> Would we then be three people? Or are there others interested in working on 
> it, too?
> Anyway, just let me know, when you have the audio files. Then we can meet on 
> jitsi or irc and discuss the details and begin with storyboarding/animatic 
> etc...
> Johannes

Awesome, I'll get in touch as soon as we have the files. Of course your
brother can join! We are happy to welcome any helping hand. It looks
like we would be the only ones with experience in producing video.
Speaking of it – is there an easy way to get an impression of earlier work?

If I'm not mistaken you are in my timezone (UTC+1), this should simplify
the meeting process somewhat :)

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