On 01/13/2017 01:53 AM, mray wrote:
> On 11.01.2017 21:22, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>> On 01/11/2017 11:57 AM, mray wrote:
>>> On 11.01.2017 17:21, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>>>> I already started a new thread to discuss the story-boarding. Do we
>>>> really need the audio files before starting that storyboarding process?
>>> Yes.
>> Please forgive my ignorance here. Can you explain why you need audio
>> files instead of just the written text in order to do storyboarding? It
>> just makes no sense to me at all. I don't imagine that storyboards
>> already need millisecond-to-millisecond timing notes or anything. Don't
>> we just start by drafting some images and ideas for what goes with the
>> script?
>> I can understand that having audio is nice, but a hard requirement
>> before we start working on and discussing storyboarding. I really don't
>> get it.
> Imagine making a music-video with only having music sheets beforehand.
> You *could* do it - but waiting for the recording is better.
> I don't want to put pressure on you, but I guess recording a few takes
> should be possible soon. Unless we have to wait very long I think
> waiting is worth it.
> Concerning the next steps I don't plan to have a workflow that is
> remotely similar to the one of the script. I expect to work on this
> inside the design circle and seek acceptance/feedback when there are
> results to talk about.

If I know the gist of some music, I could totally story-board, like make
plans for a music video just looking at lyrics. It would be no good to
actually make even the first draft of the actual video, but talking
about what types of scenes we'd have wouldn't require the recording of
the music. Generally sketching out a list of scenes in an order would
not be blocked.

But, yes, I'll get audio really soon.

And sure, it makes sense to work internally on things. But I have some
communication directives that I want included. The images that go with
the line about restrictions must include reference to *both* locks and
ads. The last line about clearing the path should hint at (i.e.
foreshadow) the snowdrift metaphor. And I want to emphasize the need for
reinforcing the general sense of cooperation and community.

In order to avoid domain conflicts, the best strategy is to run the
general ideas for what is being communicated by me, and then as long as
we're clear about the general messaging, it's your domain to determine
how to make the video express it best.

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