On 13.01.2017 22:48, J.wuensch wrote:
> Guys, no need to start fighting here. The introduction video is a very 
> important part of the snowdrift launch. We all know that, and I think we all 
> agree, that Aron as a co-founder of the snowdrift project should have some 
> influence on it.
> @ Aron. No need to worry. We will take your suggestions into account. The 
> storyboarding notes that you have written to each section are a very good 
> starting point. I think what mray is pointing out here is that we as artist 
> just want to have a bit of creative freedom in the process of creating the 
> video instead of getting constantly interrupted by endless discussions on the 
> mailing list. Then, when we have something to show, we can discuss and review 
> it together. We are used to critical reviews, so it's not the end of the 
> world for us, if we have to change something. As far as I'm concerned I 
> hadn't had the time till now to think about the visuals complementing the 
> text. But this weekend and the next week I should find some time. If I have a 
> complex idea that's a lot of work, I would of course first ask you, if it's 
> suitable, so that we don't waste too much time on things that are not 
> supposed to be in the video. But for small things I would prefer to just do 
> them quickly and you can review and judge them later.
> And of course I'd be more happy to work with the audio instead the plain 
> text... ;)
> Cheers, Johannes

Thanks for stepping up and clarifying your view.
(Especially if it is in my favor!!! ;) )

A heated debate isn't indicating fighting here though.
Aaron is a great discussion partner. Even if we tend to spend too much
time on discussing some subjects I greatly appreciate the constructive

That said, email is really a bad medium sometimes.

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