Sorry for no updates on my side! Last month was crazily busy. I work in a young 
start-up company and we had to prepare A LOT of stuff for a fair. So I had to 
pause working on the snowdrift video. I told Robert but I think it would have 
been better to communicate it here on the mailing list.
Unfortunately there's an additional ongoing freelance job in my schedule. But 
I'm in the process of transferring it to someone else so that I'll have more 
time to work on projects that matter more to me like the snowdrift video. I'll 
definitively want to see this happen.

That said, the missing progress on my side has little to do with emphasize on 
finality but more with lack of time. Yes it's true, I did three versions of the 
first half of the movie instead of doing one draft for the whole. One simple 
reason is that I was unsure on how to illustrate the last part without being 
confusing. So my priority was to first find the overall animation style. 
Actually, iterating over Robert's feedback didn't take that long. And with 
limited time in mind I thought of doing part 2 after my stressful time.

As far as I'm concerned, feedback on the visuals of this third version 
(Animatic_v03.mp4) is already welcome. Maybe not on details as we can care 
about them later on when we have a full working version. But more the overall 

Thanks Aron for the new script! As soon as I find some time I'll try to make a 
new version and we will see what I/we come up with to illustrate those 

Btw: I'm totally fine with this kind of audio recording. It doesn't have to be 
a highly polished final version. I just need some audio to animate to. It can 
be finalized later when we see that the video and text is working well 
together. It shouldn't be a problem to adjust the timing of the animation to 
the final audio version later on.

That's it for now,
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