Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm almost completely free next week. So I 
plan to focus and work on the Snowdrift video. I hope I can manage to create a 
first complete visual during this time. I guess not with final graphics, but 
they can be replaced later on...


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Subject: [Snowdrift-design] new, short and plain intro video script
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Hi everyone,

Starting a new thread. This new script is a departure from the others.
It just focuses more directly on the core concept with near-zero
explanation of why it makes sense or is needed. It has no awkward
transitions, it's plain and simple. It's so short that I was able to say
it in minimal time while still speaking slowly.

Although there are reasons I want to communicate more concepts to
visitors, I'm very happy with this in how well it communicates the
minimal information.

There's room for tweaks and re-recording a better final audio, but this
should truly be all that's needed for the video team to create a first
complete visual.


I'd really like to see more types of logos of project types including
visual art / photos / videos even though the audio doesn't mention them.
It could be in the mix later when showing general sharing. The audio is
just some examples, and if there's more than 4 icon types it will be
more clear that there's more than strictly those 4.

The icons bouncing around in a city is a good start, but could be improved.

The icons like GNU head etc. may be an issue for trademark permissions.

The graph stuff is good, but the timing and details will have to be
adjusted to the new SCRIPT:

1. Software, music, journalism, research… These things *should* be
freely shared as public goods.

2. But keeping exclusive control lets publishers charge for access or
show ads.

3. And without those restrictions, projects rarely get enough funding.

4. We need ongoing and widespread cooperation to solve this dilemma.

5. That's why we developed crowd*matching*,

6. where you donate monthly based on the number of patrons giving with

7. When a project has few patrons, you donate very little.

8. As the crowd grows, everyone donates more.

9. But you stay in the crowd only if it fits your budget.

10. Join Snowdrift.coop today, and help clear the path to a free and
open future!

Audio attached

Aaron Wolf
co-founder, Snowdrift.coop
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