Hi! This email list has been inactive for a long time, but that’s not
because work stopped on Snowdrift.coop — it’s because we’ve moved to our
new community forum at https://community.snowdrift.coop

Please join us there! It’s integrated with your main Snowdrift.coop
account, so no need to separately register.

Specifically, design discussion has moved to the "Design" subcategory
under "Clearing the Path" (our general area for working on Snowdrift.coop).

Note that we also have separate issue tracking with GitLab, e.g. the
issues section of https://git.snowdrift.coop/sd/design — but most
discussion should start and usually stay at the forum.

We're making progress (for example, a new homepage will be up soon with
this video: https://archive.org/details/snowdrift-dot-coop-intro ), but
there's still lots to do. To help, come say "hi" on the forum as a first
step and we'll discuss from there.


### Notes on moving from email list to forum

The email lists will be shut off soon (although archives will remain
available for reference, see https://lists.snowdrift.coop for links).

Forums and mailing lists each have pros and cons, but the flexibility of
the Discourse software we’re now using offers a great balance (while
being a robust 100% FLO project that we’d love to eventually help support).

With our mailing lists, you had to choose to get all emails or none from
a set of a few fixed lists.

Now, you can subscribe in whatever way fits best for you. You can just
check the site when convenient. You can watch or unwatch specific
categories, tags, or topics as best works for you. The forum has many
other features including private-messaging, editing of posts…

Discourse’s flexible flagging system lets us do better enforcement of
our Code of Conduct (which itself has been updated). When you flag a
problem post, it simply prompts the author to edit and repost, so we all
get to learn and practice healthy communication. That sort of thing is
much harder with traditional mailing lists.

The welcome section at the forum includes further notes to show you around.

One point to highlight: To respect users, we made the activity-digest
opt-in. That means you will only get notifications of things you
actively choose to watch. To get periodic updates about overall forum
activity, go to your profile settings and turn on the activity digest
(you can choose the digest frequency).

We have several other announcements and updates to share soon, and they
will be posted to the Announcements category in the forum with some
other updates as blog posts.


Aaron Wolf
co-founder, Snowdrift.coop

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