I am running 17.10 with MATE, and this bug is still happening, I report it was 
working in 16.04 with Mate and after upgrading I have a working layout switcher 
between 2 languages but all Shift+Alt derived shortcuts specially the ones in 
IDEA are not working anymore 

==== User rant ====

Well I will add my complain,

This is one of those "I fell like switching back to windows" kind of
bug, the kind that make you stop before recommending ubuntu to your
friends and family, the one when people point it out to you, you simply
lower your head and nod.

This is super old and terrible for any shortcut user in a multi language
setup, which are most of developers I know of.

In 17.10 not even the Xorg recompile is working anymore, for some
magical reason in 16.04 this was fixed maybe by Dell(I have a dell
ubuntu machine) or someone else, as soon as I updated to 17.10 it
appeared again.

It's really infuriating to start my IDE everyday with this on.

In my case, layout switcher for keyboards is working ( probably because
of some of config from 16.04) but all Shift+Alt derived shortcuts
specially the ones in IDEA are not. So no more fancy multi caret edit
for me, or fast renaming, or line switching I am basically missing some
of the  the good stuff IDEA provides and was payed for because of a 10
year old bug.

That disaster that was Unity was build and killed during the time bug
has been around.

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  Binding ctrl+shift, alt+shift, etc for switching keyboard layout makes
  shortcuts with ctrl+shift, etc not working in any program

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