+     - d/p/0001-GDBusProxy-Fix-a-memory-leak-during-

this fixes a memory leak, but in later code than the Trusty glib2.0 code

+     - d/p/0001-tests-gdatetime-Use-a-real-rather-than-invented-

this fixes an autopkgtest regression, that's unrelated to this memleak
bug - it's ok to include in the same upload, but it needs its own lp
bug.  This is also needed in xenial glib2.0.

+     - d/p/0001-gio-Add-names-to-idles-and-timeouts.patch
+     - d/p/0002-gio-belatedly-port-gdbus-from-GSimpleAsyncResult-to-.patch

these patches are huge backports, that update the glib2.0 code to use a
different function that appears to *introduce* the memleak that your
first patch "fixes".  Are you sure there is actually a memleak in the
Trusty glib2.0 code?  If so, it does not seem to be the one that your
first patch fixes.  In any case, this huge backport is not acceptable as
a SRU for only a memleak.

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  Memory leak in g_dbus_proxy_new_for_bus_sync()

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