The "stylus not recognized" part of this issue is almost certainly

No access to the pad device on the other hand is not an issue I'm
familiar with. The old unity-control-center bug that OP linked do was
due to an issue with GNOME not being compatible with tablets whose pens
don't have an eraser. That issue was fixed in GNOME 3.16, however, and
shouldn't be present in the current version of the gnome-control-center.

I do see a reference to somebody else having similar pad issues upstream
at but it doesn't look
like anyone has begun to dig into the bug. My own (Arch Linux) system
doesn't exhibit the pad issue with an Intuos Art Medium (CTH-690) and
GNOME 3.26, for what its worth.


linuxcub: You should have both a "Stylus" and "Tablet" button at the top
of the Wacom control panel, next to "Test your Settings". The "Stylus"
button shows "Stylus not Recognized", but what message appears when the
"Tablet" button is pressed? Or are the buttons missing? That might give
a place to start digging...

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  Wacom tablet not recognized in Settings > Devices

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