i'm on Ubuntu 14 lts (16 didnt even boot up on this device, so i didnt
bother to update, its an LTS after all)

not only this bug is still present but i found another one:
if you open an image protected by password in an zip file, then close the file 
roller, the image disapear, i guess that is the expected, but there is another 
even if you close the image, if you put the computer to hibernate, then return 
from it (the hibernate status)
the image will open again...

i'm not sure what is happening here, but here is what i guess:
i was seeing some password protected files, something crash on the background 
so i had to kill some processes including firefox, i'm not sure if i killed the 
file roller too and the pp files (password protected) or they close 
automatically and the system was trying to recover from crash, i constantly 
closed an openend pp files sometimes, and set the computer to hibernate, when i 
wake up the computer, the files where openend many times, as if i never had 
closed then.

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