Oooh... that makes sense now, thanks.

The problem you are seeing is with mutter/gnome-shell being inefficient
at frequently-updating software rendered windows. This is a known
problem, but until now we only knew of Eclipse triggering it (bug
1756508), and the older pre-Quantum versions of Firefox (bug 1696305).

What you are seeing is a known performance problem, but you have
discovered a great test case for it in the Resources tab. So thanks.

As I suspected, this is not a problem with the new Firefox at all (which
is hardware rendered). It's a problem with gnome-system-monitor, or any
frequently-redrawing software rendered (e.g. Gnome) app.

I only have two more questions: What is your display resolution, and are
you using Wayland or Xorg? Both of these can be answered by running
'xrandr' and sending us the output.

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  High CPU usage in gnome-shell & Xorg when using gnome-system-monitor's
  Resources tab

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