I am not quite sure I have *this* bug, because it continues after I
close Chrome.

I am using Bionic Beaver in a VirtualBox with 4 CPU threads and 4096
(later 6144) MB RAM out of my 2015 MacBook Pro's 8 CPU threads and 16 GB
RAM. When I start up, everything seems fine. With one single Terminal
open running top, without touching the keyboard or mouse, the gnome-
shell runs at some 1 to 4%, which I find extreme, but the system is
perfectly useable. The slightest use (unlocking the screen after lock,
moving the terminal window, of just hitting space repeatedly to make top
refresh), makes the CPU usage of gnome-shell shoot well over 50%, up to
95%. When hitting space, top and xorg never go above 6% each.

Using Chrome in itself does not cause any problems for me.

However, after opening a video full-screen, the system slows down to a
point where it is not useable, and this state continues after closing
Chrome. The mouse pointer itself moves without difficulty, but the
highlighting of elements under the mouse and the change of shape of the
mouse pointer takes up to twenty seconds. For example, opening a new
terminal by right-clicking on the left icon and choosing New Terminal
needs several (~ tens of) seconds for each click and mouse highlight to
be echoed by the screen, while gnome-shell usage is in the 70s.

Before doing a fresh reinstall with 18.04, this same hardware was
running 16.04, with no problems worth mentioning (when opening 20 heavy
tabs at once by telling Chrome to open all the tabs in a folder, I could
usually start reading one of the lighter ones after only a second or
two, scrolling through it while the others loaded).

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  gnome-shell + chrome doing nothing consumes high CPU all the time

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