I will follow up ASAP. The plot continues to thicken. I tried a
different set of hardware today with a B43 chipset and it didn't seem to
be effected. But that board has only DVI and VGA outputs whereas the
effected board with a G43 chipset has DVI and HDMI. I'd been using HDMI
so now I ran another range of tests using DVI on the effected board and
was unable to reproduce.

So this appears to effect a very selective subset of 10 to 12 year old
hardware. Must be Intel X4500 graphics with HDMI connection and possibly
only the G43 chipset. So it's the absolute corneriest of corner issues
I've ever encountered. And the workaround couldn't be any simpler - just
remove the "quiet splash" boot parameter and all seems well (both boot
to and logout to gdm3 screen).

BTW ASAP may be rather slow in coming because I have a few medical
procedures scheduled in the next few weeks.

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  With AutomaticLogin enabled, logging out lands me on a black screen
  that's unresponsive to any keyboard input

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