@mobilebackup - agreed that there are going to be lots of problems this
workaround will not solve.  It is not yet clear whether any 'weirdness'
is caused by the original bug or the workaround.

With regards to the title bar, I am using the default gnome theme, with
'Larger Text' enabled in universal access.  This seems to work with most
applications; however, in CLion and other Jetbrains IDE's im having to
set the font size to 48 to make it readable, as it does its own
rendering.  Are you using a theme that renders its fonts for example? or
are you using a default theme?

Also, what other wierdness are you experiencing - I am getting lagginess
and jittering - however this is mostly when changing large amounts of
the screen (hense the comment about large rendering areas).

Sorry I'm not of more help, I would like to be, but the rendering stack
is a monolith - I was commenting on past experience of rendering larger
areas and scaling down (it doesn't work very well); that said, I can
currently do work on my configuration.

Apologies for more ramblings, if they are not helpful.

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  [nvidia] Screen scaling 125% gives 200%

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