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- On a Multi-Monitor setup, where the extended desktop is non-rectangular
- in shape (ie. the displays are of a different resolution, and their
- top/bottom/left/right edges are not aligned), desktop icons are placed
- in non-accessible areas when arranged using the menu option 'View-
- Organise Desktop by Name' from the Desktop.
- See the attached image. The top three desktop items are not accessible,
- and can only be seen in the Workspace Switcher.
- Please also refer to the 'Non-Rectangular Extended Desktops' section of the 
Multi-Monitor spec:
- --------------------------------------------------
- [Test Case]
- 1. Set up two monitors side by side
- 2. Set left monitor to a smaller vertical resolution than the right monitor
- 3. for i in $(seq 1 50) ; do touch file-${i} ; done
- 4. Right click on desktop to bring up context menu, then 'Organize Desktop by 
- 5. Should be: All icons from file-1 to file-50 (or as many fit on the screen) 
should be visible
-      Is: Icons for files at the top and/or bottom of the arranged columns are 
not visible on any display
- 6. xrandr --output LVDS1 --off
- 7. Verify icons are arranged properly on the external monitor
- 8. Set up monitors one over the other
- 9. Verify icons are displayed in long columns spanning both displays with all 
icons shown
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- Multi-monitor - When using two displays with different vertical resolution, 
icons get lost on the shorter display
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