Last time I suggested something like this the response was not so
great, but lately I've feeling that there's a lot of dissatisfaction
with GNOME 3. Why not find for good what people are thinking with an

I looked around for different online survey sites and unfortunately
many have many limitations, but questionpro.com seems to have support
for free surveys with unlimited amount of responses, which is
presumably what we would want to get the maximum amount of feedback.

Many of these are borrowed from the Git user survey. The results as
you can see, can be quite interesting:

It would be great if some sort of notification would popup directly on
user's desktops, this way it can ensured that the maximum amount of
people are notified. Otherwise, I think planet GNOME, reddit, twitter,
Google+ and so on should give plenty of feedback. Maybe also contact
Ars Technica, LWN, Phornix, and so on would help.

Here's my current proposal, I tried to make it as small as possible
while keeping important information, it should take a bit more than a
minute to complete. What do you think?

=== 01. Overall, how happy are you with GNOME? ===
(single choice)

 * unhappy
 * not so happy
 * happy
 * very happy
 * completely ecstatic

=== 02. How long have you been using GNOME? ===

=== 03. How do you describe the amount of configurations available? ===
(single choice)

 * More than I need
 * Just enough
 * Too few

=== 04. Which GNOME version(s) are you using? ===
(multiple choice, with other)

 + 3.0
 + 2.20 - 3.0
 + 2.10 - 2.20
 + 2.0 - 2.10
 + pre 2.0

 + other, please specify

=== 05. How do you compare the current GNOME version with the version
from one year ago? ===
(single choice)

 * better
 * no changes
 * worse

 * cannot say

=== 06. What channel(s) do you use to request help about GNOME (if any)? ===
(multiple choice, with other)

 + GNOME bugzilla
 + GNOME mailing list
 + IRC (#gnome)
 + asking colleague/friend
 + instant messaging (IM) like XMPP/Jabber
 + StackOverflow or other StackExchange site

 + N/A (haven't requested help)

 + other (please specify)

=== 07. Does GNOME include code or documentation by you? ===
(single choice)

 * Yes
 * No

=== 08. Do you have any comments or suggestions for the GNOME team? ===
(free form)

Felipe Contreras
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