> I do not think you will be able to do very much with the answers to the
> questions you ask below. It's going to be a lot of work for data that is not
> useful. Let me try to explain.

I thhink there is a better way to do this Felipe should do it without the
Gnome oligarchy and then put the findings up on Linux Weekly News. That
way we'll learn something, if not everything and it can no longer be
stalled forever by bickering.

And then well it's up to people if they listen, what they do with the
data and how they follow it up. Sure the results will need reviewing with
a little car - but thats true of any survey even one you paid through the
nose for, in fact often more so because they more you pay the harder some
of them will work to make sure you get the answers they think you want to
hear 8)

Plus the resulting debate may well answer even more questions than the
survey ever did...

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