On Mon, 2016-10-10 at 10:49 +0200, Sebastian Geiger (Lanoxx) wrote:
> On 05/10/16 15:39, Michael Biebl wrote:
> > 
> > As much as I hate autotools and its arcane syntax, it does bring
> > uniformity and consistency.
> > Atm I'm counting waf (for some non-core modules), autotools, cmake
> > and
> > some are discussing to use meson/ninja.
> > 
> > So while I'm not tied to autotools, I would hate to see if every
> > modules maintainer chooses his/her own build system of choice. This
> > makes it really cumbersome as downstream/integrator.
> Maybe it would make sense to introduce an official Gnome Goal that 
> encourages every module maintainer to switch over to
> meson.

Can anybody give me pointers on how to handle our help docs in Meson?
We have autotools magic that just takes care of translations and proper
install locations:


I notice that Evolution's CMake transition includes its own build logic
for the help:


It would be a shame to go back to the days of everybody writing their
build rules for help. I don't mind carrying build utilities for Meson
or CMake in yelp-tools, if that's feasible. Or if build rules can just
get upstreamed to Meson so we don't need outside utilities, that's cool
too. Just let me know what needs to be done.


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