Hi, hackers

Do anybody though about trying new services for communication?

- signal https://whispersystems.org/
- telegram https://telegram.org/
- matrix.org http://matrix.org/
- gitter https://gitter.im/

pros/cons irc:

- can be accesed through command line
- is widespread
- integrated in gnome environment (bots, bugzilla)
- syntax highlight
- multimedia

Solutions by new technology:
- gitter can deal with integration an syntax highlight
- telegram has programmable bots
- signal is aware of privacy
- matrix.org can be bridged to gimpnet in full two-way communication
- All can deal with multimedia

Terms that need discussion:

- There's a concern about log (deactivated on gimpnet)
- There's a chance to test matrix.org through a bridge,

Is there any chance to adopt one of this technologies?
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