In the medium-to-long term, I'd really appreciate if stopped trying to extract documentation from
random locations inside tarballs, munge the cross-references, and
published the HTML on a static website. This would avoid having to
generate documentation at all, except when needed. After all, Linux
distributions rebuild the documentation when building the binary
packages anyway, so shipping documentation in release tarballs is
pretty much for the benefit of to begin with.

Ideally, with the switch to Gitlab, we'd be able to run CI targets for
each module; that would allow us to build the API reference (and any
other documentation we deem worthy of publishing), ensure that the
cross-references pointed to a well-known URL prefix as part of the
build itself, and publish them when pushing a release tag.

Additionally, GitLab pages[0] would ensure that any module with
documentation would have it published, without necessarily teaching how to do it.



On 9 August 2017 at 15:12, Bastien Nocera <> wrote:
> On Wed, 2017-08-09 at 08:33 -0500, wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is going to have some problems because for meson
>> modules 'ninja dist' does not include generated gtk-doc files in the
>> tarball. At least one maintainer is working around this by manually
>> generating tarballs with gtk-doc included instead of using 'ninja
>> dist'. I don't recommend doing that since that's equivalent to
>> skipping
>> distcheck. It's better to use meson's dist target.
>> is just going to have to learn to build docs itself.
>> Is anybody working on Anyone interested in
>> taking
>> on this task? Otherwise it is going to be stuck with outdated docs.
> I filed this:
> I don't know whether that's something we'd want longer term, but it's a
> win short-term.
> Cheers
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