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> Has Gnome ever been really tested with btrfs file system. I have
> raised bug reports about the user logon locking up if there is an
> extension and both the extension code itself of the user's home
> folder is under the btrfs file system.
> I can't run gnome, because a simple extension blows up gnome, or
> blows up Fedora 26 (gnome 3.22,and gnome 3.24).

If it only happens with an extension, then there are good chances it's
a problem with the extension, so I closed your report:

> Search the bugzilla reports for my postings.
> Fix up the problem with  left-alt and the ` key (to the left of the
> one key) being a duplicate of the adjacent key and the ` key
> The adjacent key is the "super key".

It wasn't a bug:

> How many people does a bugzilla report need to have posted before it
> takes someone to look and address said bug reports.
> Gnome needs some good Q/A work done.  Take a break from introducing
> new software and repair what is reported in bugzilla.
> Regards from Mr. Rant.
>  Leslie
> Leslie Satenstein 55+ years in IT.
> Montréal Québec, Canada

Leslie, you have 55+ years in IT so you should know that GNOME is a
volunteer-driven project, and nobody whether here or in Bugzilla is at
your beck and call to do technical support.

There are companies that do offer those services, however they're
unlikely to be able to help if you rant at them as you did above,
providing no information as to what problem you want fixed, instead of
asking, politely and calmly, what is missing from your bug reports for
the developers to be able to help.

Also, don't hijack threads, and avoid HTML emails if at all possible.

Best of luck with the other bugs

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