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What usually happened in the past was that the older version was used
when such a problem happened, which would hopefully have streamlined
the process somewhat ("I used this old version because that new


The problem this time is that I don't know what components are even to blame for these issues. E.g. in the PackageKit bug it's not clear if the underlying issue is in PackageKit, or gobject-introspection, or glib itself. Since we don't know where the bug is, I don't know which package I can hold back.

Quite a bit of time was also spent on e-mailing maintainers (myself
included) that didn't make releases after porting to projects to Meson
but changing jhbuild modulesets. I really think that somebody needs to
spend the time finding and implementing a solution for this problem.

We're migrating away from jhbuild and this is a one-time issue, so I don't think it's worth spending time on. The solution is to make a new release sometime before the release is due if you switch to meson at the same time that you delete the Autotools build.

It's annoying to do for 15 modules, which is why I sent out mails, but it's also easy to work around by just changing the build type in the release moduleset.


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