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> > Hi All,
> >
> > It would be nice if I could get some response about my question from the
> > community. I spend several days of work on this and I would like to know if
> > there is a change that my patch gets merged into Gtk-Doc. I am restating my
> > question in case it was not clear from my original mail what I was asking:
> It's probably best if you create a new gtk-doc merge request with this
> change as in the end the gtk-doc maintainers have to decide.
> > Does anybody have objections on merging my patch which installs the GTK-Doc
> > Manual as HTML so it can be read via DevHelp?
> I haven't looked at the patch, but having the manual in devhelp seems
> good to me.

As a matter of fact, I used to not be 100% sure whether a Gtk-Doc manual
existed. I kinda imagined it would, but because it doesn't appear in Devhelp
I never bothered to really go and read it (usually one can get pretty far
along with looking at how the surrounding code is documented when making
changes to existing projects...).

All in all, it looks to me like the Gtk-Doc manual should definitely be
available in Devhelp. The GNOME user guide is for end users, while Devhelp
is for developers and where developer-oriented documentation belongs.



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