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Meanwhile, we've gone and published the IRC room list as the public room directory on https://gnome.riot.im.

Other than GNOME branding and a sensible home somewhere in https://*.gnome.org, the dedicated server & bridge should now be good to go.

In terms of performance, it's unrecognisably snappy.  From my user as @matthew:gnome.org, i see ~50ms to IRC and back again.  (I had graphs to prove it, but the mailing list moderation kicked in due to the images.)

Please let us know if you have further problems with the bridge. We want Matrix to work well for everyone using it, and the IRC bridge (when run on a non-overloaded server) should work really well.

Since this, we've done a bunch more work on the gnome.org Matrix server - untangling various rooms which had been incorrectly double-bridged, getting rid of the remaining vestiges of the old bridge, fixing up room aliases to have sensible names, upgrading rooms to the latest version of the Matrix protocol, etc.  There was a bit of disruption a few weeks ago when we finished this off, but since then the bridge and server look to be working (at last) as intended, and continue to be very performant and stable.

So please do give https://gnome.riot.im a go, and let me know any problems in #general:gnome.org.



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