As far as I know, 8.0.0 contains everything Sahil and Pranjal need. I
have finalized 8.0.2 and am building the releases now. It takes over an
hour because of that other OS that some people run. I should have 8.0.2
in debian within a few hours.

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  FeatureFreeze exception

Status in qpdf package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  I am requesting an exception to the FeatureFreeze for Ubuntu 18.04
  LTS. I would like qpdf 8.0.1 to be synced from debian.

  I am the upstream author of qpdf and the debian maintainer. I released
  8.0.0 with the explicit goal of beating the 18.04 feature freeze. It
  was released and uploaded to debian on February 25. Then I realized
  8.0.1 a few days later (March 4) with a few very small additional
  enhancements. I came to learn that 8.0.0 was not synced before the
  deadline, so I am requesting a freeze exception. You can find 8.0.0 in
  debian testing and 8.0.1 in unstable. I was planning on releasing
  8.0.2 with another one-line change. The changes from 8.0.0 to 8.0.2
  are not fixes to bugs in 8.0.0. Both releases include small additional
  enhancements. For now, I am request sync of 8.0.1, which is the latest
  version in debian.

  The qpdf package has a very strong record of stability. The principle
  changes in 8.0.0 were source-compatible but non-binary-compatible
  changes to support more advanced handling of PDF files at the lexical
  layer. These changes are required to support some Google summer of
  code work toward handling PDF forms in files being printed. qpdf is
  used as the backend for cups-filters. Additionally, qpdf 8.0.0
  includes fixes that allow a wide range of incorrect PDF files that
  break in 7.1.1 to be processed as it handles more cases as recoverable
  rather than fatal errors. 8.0.1 adds the additional enhancement of
  allowing PDF files with checksum errors in their compressed data to be

  The risk to allowing qpdf 8 into 18.04 is minimal as qpdf has a very
  thorough regression test suite, and all the changes are backward
  compatible at the source level. The advantages of having qpdf 8 in
  18.04 include handling of a wider range of incorrect files for
  printing and opening the door to a backport of the form handling
  capabilities in cups-filters should that be desired.

  If possible, I would like to request an exception for 8.0.2, which I
  have not yet released. 8.0.2 includes only one small additional
  enhancement: better recovery of files that have loops in the cross
  reference table. Most readers can't handle such files well anyway, but
  evince can, and this would enable successful printing of such files
  from evince. It's a one line change + test suite updates. I have not
  released 8.0.2 but could do so at any time.

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