It is built now in (it appears 
like enabling more architectures either needs approval or doesn't cause package 
already in the archive not to be built on these...)
Let me know if there is anything more I can do to help!

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  FFE: Sync appstream 0.12.0-3 (main) from Debian unstable (main)

Status in appstream package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Please sync appstream 0.12.0-3 (main) from Debian unstable (main)

  This introduces a new feature release pretty late in the cycle, so it
  is something to more carefully consider. Even if it's very late, I do
  think upgrading this package in Bionic is a good idea though.

  First of all, it makes upgrading the appstream-generator package to version 
0.7.1-3 possible, allowing people to generate much better and smaller metadata 
for Debian and Ubuntu repositories (and this is what sparked the creation of 
this sync request).
  But there are also many other good reasons.

  This is the NEWS file for the new release, with explanations on why we
  want the respective changes (I shuffled some entries around to form
  logical groups) :

  Version 0.12.0
  Released: 2018-04-04

   * Implement release types
   * qt: Support release types

  This adds a new feature to the AppStream specification and
  libappstream that allows release metadata to be tagged as
  "development" or "stable" releases. Nothing in Ubuntu uses this, so
  adding will not break anything, but having this in the LTS release
  means upstream projects can use this feature more easily, and Ubuntu
  will understand metadata containing it.

   * Update static data lists
   * spdx: Add some compatibility workarounds for SPDX 3.0
   * validator: Validate SPDX license expressions for metadata_license

  This updates the SPDX[1] license lists to version 3.0 and adds some 
compatibility glue to libappstream to parse the new license strings introduced 
in SPDX 3.0. This is very useful to have, because many projects will start 
using the new identifier, and it makes sense for AppStream in Ubuntu to be 
ready for that.
  Furthermore, it prevents errors from people using the new IDs with older 
AppStream versions (unfortunately, SPDX 3.0 broke the format, AppStream speaks 
all flavors of SPDX now, though)


   * apt: Add config snippets to enable icon downloads

  This results in an easy way for users as well as software centers to
  enable the download of application icon tarballs via APT just by
  installing a sepecific package (apt-icons-*). This is quite neat to
  make icon downloads configurable easily, and also have a central place
  for the APT configuration. The new packages are used in Debian already
  by GNOME Software and Plasma Dicover. All existing solutions to enable
  icons work though, this is an optional change.

   * Implement support for requires/recommends
   * Add recommends/requires data to the cache
   * Add a quick way to check if a version satisfies an AsRelation requirement
   * yaml: Make Requires/Recommends data more compact and easier to emit
   * Default to format version 0.12
   * validator: Validate requires/recommends tags

  This adds a new feature to allow AppStream components to require other
  components or system resources (e.g. minimal memory sizes). Nothing
  uses this yet, due to that this feature also can't break anything.
  Having it in the LTS means that upstream projects can already add the
  metadata easily though and have it validated.

   * ascli: Properly document the --no-net flag
   * ascli: Allow to disable network access via an environment variable

  This is useful in a package build environment where AppStream metadata is 
validated and the distributor wants to make sure appstreamcli doesn't try to 
access the network without changing upstream's code and passing the --no-net 
flag explicitly somewhere.
  Nice feature to have, no risk potential to break existing code.

   * Make as_str_replace use as_gstring_replace internally
   * yaml: Ensure all string values have whitespaces stripped
   * Make as_component_get_launchables public API
   * apt: Support 48x48px icons

  This are miscellaneous improvements which should not cause any issue
  at all. The 48x48px icons are used in some software centers, having
  them can be useful (this was a feature requested by Elementary, so
  chances are they will use these icons at some point).

   * spec: Add a "type" property to <release/> tag
   * spec: Initial draft for requires/recommends
   * spec: Document the YAML Rquires/Recommends fields
   * spec: Clarify that the memory requirement uses MiB as unit

  This improve the AppStream specification or extend it. It's just
  documentation changes.

   * qt: Implement missing constructors

  This fixes some nasty crashes in Qt applications using AppStream, like
  Plasma Discover.

   * apt: escape the icon scale factor as it is using the arobase

  This fixes a bug which basically rendered HiDPI icons completely
  useless in AppStream under Debian/Ubuntu. Having this fix will make
  the use of HiDPI icons in software centers possible.

   * Check plain language string in as_component_localized_get as well

  Apparently, in some circumstances text was not properly localized due to that 
because the function did not check the language code alone after failing to 
find a localized string for the locale.
  Improved localization is a good thing.

   * qt: Define location and soname for all configurations, not just

  This patch has been in Ubuntu before. Without it, Qt applications
  using AppStream wouldn't build at all in release mode.

   * Never override high-quality data with incomplete .desktop data

  Fixes an issue that would override more complete metadata with less
  complete versions and also change the metadata after the user
  installed an application.

   * Make data update script work with recent SPDX

  Just a maintenance improvement on the source code itself with no
  impact on the installed binaries and data.

   * Add a timeout to URL validity checks

  Before, appstreamcli would just hang forever when validating on
  systems with no network access, causing some annoyances especially on
  CI systems.

  The package is not causing issues in Debian and other distributions, so far 
there have been no new bug reports. In general, I think the risk of new issues 
is low, especially because the new features don't impact the existing common 
code paths much and are additions (although obviously there is no such thing as 
no regressions risk).
  I think the bugfixes especially on HiDPI icons and metadata replacement, as 
well as features like the updated SPDX license library and SPDX 3.0 support and 
that updating this package allows for a more recent appstream-generator package 
to be included make it reasonable to update the package.

  Changelog entries since current bionic version 0.11.8-3:

  appstream (0.12.0-3) unstable; urgency=medium

    * load-desktop-data.patch: Load desktop file data properly again

   -- Matthias Klumpp <>  Fri, 06 Apr 2018 21:30:08 +0200

  appstream (0.12.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium

    * Make autopkgtest work again
    * Update d/copyright (Closes: #894856)
    * icon config: Pull in non-HiDPI config for large icons
      if large-icon HiDPI config is installed

   -- Matthias Klumpp <>  Fri, 06 Apr 2018 14:12:26 +0200

  appstream (0.12.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

    * New upstream version: 0.12.0
    * Drop all patches: Applied upstream
    * Update .symbols file
    * d/rules: Drop obsolete --parallel flag
    * Add APT config snippet packages for an easy way of enabling
      icon downloads for different sizes and HiDPI.

   -- Matthias Klumpp <>  Wed, 04 Apr 2018 18:36:26 +0200

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