Unfortunately updating gimp to 2.10 breaks mypaint. Until mypaint is
updated to a version that uses the newer version of libmypaint, we will
be unable to include gimp at this time as it will cause workflow
difficulties with some of our userbase. Releasing gimp 2.10 as an SRU
(so long as mypaint can be updated to 1.3 after its release) would be
the best route. Another option is to encourage the snap version of gimp
2.10 once released for those who want/need it.

At this time, on behalf of the Ubuntu Studio team, we recommend no FFe
for this case as it will break mypaint.

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Packages, which is subscribed to gimp in Ubuntu.

  FFe: Sync gimp 2.10.0~RC1-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)

Status in gimp package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Feature Freeze Justification
  gimp's last new stable series, 2.8, was released 6 years ago. The new series 
has years of work porting gimp to use gegl more completely, an integrated crash 
report tool, and many more improvements.

  The Gimp development team is so small that I do not expect there to be
  much support at all for gimp 2.8 any more.

  If the final gimp 2.10 is not released before Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is, then we 
should do an SRU to update it then.

  The Gimp developers have announced that they will add features to
  future 2.10 releases so that users won't have to wait several years
  like this again.

  Gimp 3.0 will switch to gtk3 (or gtk4).

  Affected Flavors
  Ubuntu Studio is the only flavor to include gimp by default.

  This entire file!

  Features are described in several blog posts documenting the 2.9
  development releases at https://www.gimp.org/news/

  Changes in the new Debian version
  Uploaded to experimental on request of the Debian maintainer Ari Pollack.

   gimp (2.10.0~RC1-1) experimental; urgency=medium
     * New upstream release candidate (LP: #1759625)
       - Fixes screenshots in GNOME and KDE on Wayland (Closes: #880186)
         (LP: #1739684)
     * Bump dependencies per configure.ac
     * Add new Build-Depends: gegl, glib-networking, libgexiv2-dev,
       libmypaint-dev, libopenjp2-7-dev (Closes: #827083), libopenexr-dev,
       libwebp-dev, mypaint-brushes, python-cairo-dev
     * Depend on xdg-utils for email feature
     * Update debian/libgimp2.0.symbols
     * Drop all patches (except 01_hurd_ftbfs.patch) since they are obsolete
       with the new release

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