This bug was fixed in the package yaru-theme - 19.04

yaru-theme (19.04) disco; urgency=medium

  [ Carlo Lobrano ]
  * dark gtk-2.0
    - gtkrc: added dark colors
    - fixed line
    - fixed permission
    - assets: added button normal state
    - assets: added button-hover
    - assets: added button-insensitive
    - assets: added button-active
    - added entry widgets
    - assets: fixed tabs and treeview headerbar
    - external-assets: added checkbox unchecked
    - external-assets: added radio unchecked
    - assets: added pan (normal and insensitive)
    - assets: added treeview-pan
    - assets: added spin arrows
    - assets: added spin button
    - assets: added scale slider hover and active
    - assets: added frame-notebook
    - assets: fixed missing recoloring of spin buttons
    - assets: fixed button insensitive border
    - assets: fixed frame border
    - assets: added transparent scrollbars
    - assets: added handle horz + vert
    - assets: added notebook-entries
    - assets: added menu-radio and menu-checkbox
    - main.rc: using menu-radio assets for radio checked
    - assets: fixed frame-inline
    - assets: fixed entry bleeding background
    - assets: fixed menu-pan colors
  * common/scale circular slider: made border transparent in dark variant
  * shell common+dock: Fix dock opaque color and revert badge color
  * shell/common: fixed auth dialog title style
  * shell/common: Made dialog background brighter
  * common/scale circular slider: made border transparent in dark variant
  * Moved code-refactoring changes from 3.0 to 3.20 folder
  * Fixed menu background and hover colors
  * Added missing dependency in yaru part yaml
  * Unify stackswitcher and buttonbox style
  * Reuse all buttonbox code for stackswitcher
  * Fixed missing hb button definition
  * Use background property to set insertion-cursor icon
  * Fixed insertion-cursor alignment
  * re-enable -dark theme in snap
  * testing snap session pointer to communitheme-dark
  * Set both default and -dark Communitheme path to GTK2_RC_FILES env
  * Update gtk-common-themes to release the -dark version as well
  * Revert snap/session changes
  * Fixed Nautilus dark backdrop separator color
  * Attempt to set gtk2 them path according to current theme set
  * Fixed set of GTK2_RC_FILES only when theme is Communitheme*
  * Fix typo
  * Remove test code
  * Fixed comparison test
  * Always set only one path to GTK2_RC_FILE
  * treeview expander invert hover colors
  * Fix linked entry+button combobox in error and warning state
  * Do not darken error/warning border color in dark variant
  * Remove unused underline_focus_headerbar
  * Fix menu button hover
  * Update
  * Add active button state for menu button
  * Add toolbar button missing states
  * Fix osd button active and active:hover states
  * Unset GTK2_RC_FILES if current theme is not Communitheme*
  * Make active button darker
  * Change menu color to be the same as in gtk3
  * Add proper svg image scaling and fix svg opacity
  * Minor format adjustments
  * Remove headerbar and menubar side borders
  * Add solid bg to check and radio
  * Fix glitches in non-straight lines
  * Fix gtk2 treeview header double lines
  * gtk2: Reduced GtkPaned handle size to remove the double line
    between panes
  * Remove dark communitheme from gtk-common-themes-other snap target
  * Fix transparent scale in jet popover
  * Add switch to jet popover wildcard black list
  * Renamed x-trash icon into application-x-trash
  * Revert "Remake shutdown icon"

  [ ubuntujaggers ]
  * provide a gnome-mines icon
  * provide a gnome-mines icon
  * provide a gnome-aisleriot icon
  * provide a corrected gnome-aisleriot icon
  * provide a gnome-mahjongg icon
  * provide a gnome-mahjongg icon
  * setting baseplate layer of gnome-mines, gnome-aisleriot and
    gnome-mahjongg to be invisible rather than transparent
  * providing corrected version of gnome-mahjongg icon with crisper
    edges on smaller sizes
  * providing transmission icon
  * providing transmission icon with better vertical alignment
  * providing ubiquity icon
  * providing improved transmission icon
  * providing transmission icon with more improvements
  * providing usb-creator-gtk icon
  * providing usb-creator-gtk icon with restored shadow on small sizes
  * providing usb-creator-gtk icon with correction in baseplate layer
  * providing usb-creator-gtk icon with no progress bar
  * providing better transmission icon
  * providing better gnome-mahjongg icon with blue background
  * providing revised usb-creator-gtk icon
  * providing aptdaemon-download icon
  * providing more suru icons for ubiquity, gnome-mahjongg and
  * providing improved icon for gnome-aisleriot
  * providing improved icon for aptdaemon-download
  * providing icon for aptdaemon-download with clearer arrow
  * providing better icons for gnome-mines and transmission
  * removing transmission.svg pending further discussion
  * adding the icon for shotwell
  * adding the new full colour icon for user-desktop
  * amending the source file of all the scalable monochrome icons to
    take the launcher buttons off the desktop icon so it matches the
    full colour user-desktop icon
  * adding icons for libreoffice apps
  * fixing baseplate on libreoffice-main
  * fixing baseplate on libreoffice-main attempt no. 2
  * seeing if git add -A adds new libreoffice-base icon
  * adding the remaining LibreOffice icons after running the python
    script: writer, impress, draw, base, main
  * adding svg for white firefox icon and all the pngs
  * adding svg for dark blue firefox icon and all the pngs
  * adding svg for network-server icon and all the pngs
  * renaming the network glyph in source-symbolic to see if that works
  * renaming the network glyph in source-symbolic to correct error
    in previous commit
  * adding svg for thunderbird and all the pngs
  * adding folders.svg with the new folder-remote icons plus all the
    pngs, and also a corrected version of source-symbolic.svg with the
    ethernet glyph renamed folder-remote.
  * adding folders.svg with the new folder-remote concept plus pngs.
    Also committing a version of the source-symbolic svg which has the
    redundant ethernet port glyph removed.
  * adding x-trash.svg plus pngs of different sizes.
  * adding printer.svg plus pngs of different sizes.
  * updating source-symbolic.svg to include less ambiguous 'select all'
    icon under actions
  * updating source-symbolic.svg to include less ambiguous 'select all'
    icon under actions
  * updating source-symbolic.svg to include symbols for Suru apps and a
    new select-all action icon
  * updating source-symbolic.svg to fix some errors
  * updating source-symbolic.svg to fix the nameless icon that caused the
    script to fail
  * this is a new version of source-symbolic.svg with all the new app symbols
    and also the Adwaita-style select-all, plus all the individual svgs and
    symlinks that the scripts produce

  [ Sam Hewitt ]
  * new language icon; updated software properties icon
  * added USB drive icon
  * added usb-creator-gtk icon

  [ feichtmeier ]
  * Export jaggers svgs to pngs
  * Use lighten($slate,5%) for neutral infobars
  * bg_color for not important infobars & remove custom code
  * Export @ubuntujaggers new shotwell icon
  * Fix infobar branch merge
  * Fix backdrop bg color for generic infobars (question/info)
  * Style buttons in light dialogues
  * Provide an insync-folder icon
  * $blue as $focus_color
  * Fix GDM focus ring
  * Adapt suggested action buttons to blue, solid focus
  * Use focus color for entries, comboxboxes
  * Darken entries border-top color less for the dark theme
  * Use less code
  * Fix inkscape to not use flatpak
  * Use a new user-desktop and user-desktop-sybolic icon by @ubuntujaggers
  * Fully opaque focus ring, dashed + -3px offset for gtk
  * Remove the background and the radius to avoid stretched underline
  * Normal font weight + header_fg_color for the checked button
  * Style tag labels
  * No orange underline for checked pathbar buttons
  * Adapt backdrop
  * Style entry tag with no border, slat bg and darker silk color
  * Style the close button to become white on hover
  * Don't change text color on hover
  * Fix backdrop and checked:active
  * Fix outline regressions introduced by PR #971
  * Use the same purple bg color for GDM as Grub uses in Ubuntu
  * Fixing entries to have a blue/dark blue selection for light/dark entries
  * Provide an updated symlink list
  * Symlink: aptdaemon-download.png -> update-notifier.png
  * Jet menus and popovers
  * Style jet app notifications for the dark theme
  * Button hover and active refinements
  * Remover border-top-color border-color difference for all button types
  * Rename popover_border to menu_color and lighten popover's border
  * Remove the top box-shadow for active buttons
  * Remove box-shadow from insensitive-active buttons
  * Darken border-color by 2% for active and backdrop-active dark btns
  * Firefox theming
  * Removes margin for toolbar toolitem box .linked.horizontal button
  * Add backdrop hover underline for not checked pathbar buttons
  * Remove red/yellow border of error/warning entries when ...
  * Fix wrong settings icon in gnome shell 3.30+ status menu popup
  * Removes firefox headerbar bleed fix because ....
  * Make focus border for entries always the same color in dark and light
  * Reduce the darkness of dark var undershoots + refactoring
  * Bring back normal switches for dark popovers
  * Use gtkalpha(currentColor, 0.3) for all outlines except ...
  * Adapt sliders, increase offset by additional -1 because the new color
  * Don't remove not selected rows outline
  * Make selected text orange again in gtk and shell themes
  * Replace focus_color with selected_bg_color in shell and gtk themes
  * Fix .path-bar button styling
  * Bring back symbolic icons for the app menu and the notitications/message

  [ godlyranchdressing ]
  * Update spinbuttons
  * Better looking disabled text
  * Update insensitive slider
  * Style the Shell's virtual keyboard to match the rest of the theme
  * Update meson file
  * Update icons
  * Use green bg for enter key
  * Remove menuitem transition from context menus and popovers

  [ Feichtmeier ]
  * Make the badge border temporarily dark red,
  * Make notification badge background red, too
  * Update _drawing.scss

  [ James Henstridge ]
  * gtk: move existing theme to gtk-3.20 to make way for gtk-3.18
    compatible theme.
  * Import Gtk 3.18 Adwaita theme.
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: port drawing code over from GTK 3.20 theme.
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: set some properties to ensure we don't
    inherit from Adwaita CSS unexpectedly.
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: override headerbar box-shadow inherited from
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: remove some "-gtk-" prefixes on properties
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: more changes driven by GTK warnings
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: attempt to fix up notebook tabs
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: apply menu styling
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: update asset sheet with Yaru assets
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: use light assets on dark theme.
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: use padding on titlebuttons to simulate
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: make scales match GTK 3.20 theme
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: update progress bars and level bars
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: make spinner blue
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: fix headerbar stack switcher underline, and
    scale slider width
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.20: Fix up some comments in meson build configuration
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: port switches to Yaru look
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: tweak hyperlink colours
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: remove unused assets
  * gtk/src/dark/gtk-3.0: support both versions of dark GTK 3 theme
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: get rid of some unwanted text/icon shadows
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: change text handle sizes to match assets.
  * gtk/src/light/gtk-3.0: progressbar tweaks
  * gtk: bundle CSS and assets into a gtk.gresource file
  * build: we need libglib2.0-dev for glib-compile-resources

  [ Eaglers ]
  * Add Packages icon
  * Add Podcasts icon
  * Add object-select icon
  * Add icon for USB hard disk
  * Increase the pictogram of drive-harddisk-usb icon
  * Remake shutdown icon
  * Improve GNOME Help icon

  [ madsrh ]
  * Amplified sounds

 -- Carlo Lobrano <>  Thu, 10 Jan 2019 11:26:55 +0100

** Changed in: yaru-theme (Ubuntu)
       Status: Triaged => Fix Released

You received this bug notification because you are a member of Desktop
Packages, which is subscribed to yaru-theme in Ubuntu.

  [SRU] Really don't ship Yaru-dark

Status in yaru-theme package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in yaru-theme source package in Cosmic:
  Won't Fix

Bug description:
  We thought we disabled separate dark theme in the package explicitely as long 
as GTK2 part of the dark theme isn't complete.
  Currently, people enabling dark theme have:
  - GTK3 apps with dark theme
  - GTK2 apps with Adwaita theme

  A typo order in package (we remove the dark theme directory AFTER
  dh_install) made it still shipping it. Do it in the correct order
  right now

  [Test Case]
  * Install the new package version from propsoed
  * ls /usr/share/themes/Yaru-dark/
  -> should be empty

  [Regression Potential]
  People who set Yaru Dark theme in Tweaks will default to Adwaita after the 
update. They can set it back to Yaru after the update with the same (unshipped 
by default) tools. We expect them to be technical enough as they changed the 


  yaru-theme package for Cosmic Cuttlefish includes 'Yaru-dark', which
  is not complete (it lacks of gtk2 folder).

  Note, as discussed on IRC, in order to support applications that
  prefer dark variant, /usr/share/themes/Yaru/gtk-3.0/gtk-dark.css is

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