I have a crappy little commandline utility that's
getting a lot of use from novices, so I figured
I'd use xmessage or its moral equivalent to add
a trivial GUI to help those who cannot deal with
commandlines.   All it does it put up a menu of
available actions and an ok/cancel button.

The hideous result can be seen here:

Depending on the desktop environment, I do one of
    zenity --title "$title" --text "$text" --list --checklist --column
"$col1name" --column "$col2name" --height 400 $args | tr '|' '\012'
    kdialog --title "$title" --separate-output --checklist "$text" $args
    xmessage -print -file /tmp/x_showmenu.txt -buttons "Cancel,$args"
| sed 's/Cancel//'

It was a pain to figure out, it's fragile,
and it's not even remotely pleasing to use.

It'd be nice if there were some utility xdg-dialog that
unified the various xmessage replacements out there,
and handled this use case nicely,
without going overboard.

Not bloody likely, but I thought I'd ask.
- Dan
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