r_george schrieb:
I'm using OO 3.0, NetBeans 3.1 and OpenOffice.org API Plugin 2.0.0
It seems that I can't get the add-on off the ground: the wizard doesn't
create any java files except for "CentralRegistrationClass"; http://www.nabble.com/file/p20164866/netbeans1.png
NetBeans compile and deploy without error messages, but when I open OO and
try to install my OXT I get the error message:
InvalidRegisterException during registration (prepareRegistry(): source
registry is empty)

... and nothing else happens. I wonder if I have missed something, nobody
else seems to have experienced this before.

This is also happening when I try to build a Calc Add-In (I followed step by
step the REDOUBLE video I found somewhere, everything's fine until I try to
find the implementation file which simply does not exist).

help gladly appreciated...


I can confirm this bug. The problem was reproduced on three machines, all with the following configuration:

OOo 3.0, Netbeans 6.1, Netbeans OOo API Plugin 2.0, OOo SDK 3.0 DEV300_m27 and Java 6 on Windows XP.

But on a fourth machine with Ubuntu, the needed Java class was generated by the wizard.

Benjamin Vollmer

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