Benjamin Vollmer wrote:
r_george schrieb:
I'm using OO 3.0, NetBeans 3.1 and API Plugin 2.0.0
It seems that I can't get the add-on off the ground: the wizard doesn't
create any java files except for "CentralRegistrationClass";
NetBeans compile and deploy without error messages, but when I open OO and
try to install my OXT I get the error message:
InvalidRegisterException during registration (prepareRegistry(): source
registry is empty)

... and nothing else happens. I wonder if I have missed something, nobody
else seems to have experienced this before.

This is also happening when I try to build a Calc Add-In (I followed step by step the REDOUBLE video I found somewhere, everything's fine until I try to
find the implementation file which simply does not exist).

help gladly appreciated...


I can confirm this bug. The problem was reproduced on three machines, all with the following configuration:

OOo 3.0, Netbeans 6.1, Netbeans OOo API Plugin 2.0, OOo SDK 3.0 DEV300_m27 and Java 6 on Windows XP.
where you have installed the SDK? It is important that you install it in the default location into your 3.0 office installation. If you made a default installation of OO 3.0 it will be detected automatically. Otherwise select the base layer by hand.

That is not optimal and will be changed. The reason for that is that the initial plan was to make the SDK an optional part of the office. I detected too late that the our internal build or better packaging time increased so dramatically (because of the huge amount of files) that it was not acceptable for some people :-(.

I have used OO3.0 (not the final), the 3.0 SDK, NB 6.1 and our new plugin on WinXP without problems. I will check it again with the released 3.0 office version.


But on a fourth machine with Ubuntu, the needed Java class was generated by the wizard.

Benjamin Vollmer

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