Thomas Krumbein wrote:

I want to add with an extension an own menu-item to a existing submenu
in calc.

I know the technic, but I do not now the correct mergepoints. Maybe
someone can help?

OK, my proposal is to add an item in the data-menu, submenu datapilot,
after the item "delete".

I only have a german version, so the correct names are:  "Daten -
Datenpilot - löschen"

Now I am looking for the three mergingpoints:

1:   uno:dataMenu  ????
2.   ???
3.   ???

Hi Thomas,

It's fairly simple to find the correct merge point. You first have to look into the corresponding XML file which defines the whole menu bar. For your use case it's the calc menu bar. You can find the file here: <installation folder>\\Basis 3.0\share\config\soffice.cfg\modules\scalc\menubar. The menubar.xml file provides you all necessary commands. The merge point must contain the whole path, separating each command entry with '\'. In your case the merge point must be:
MergePoint = ".uno:DataMenu\.uno:DataPilotMenu\.uno:DeletePivotTable"
MergeCommand = AddBehind


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