Hi Joachim Lingner,

Could you strip down your program so that it still runs and the error can still be reproduced?

You mean make it as small as possible? yes I can, but it's an ActiveX (OCX) wrapper so it needs a client, and it uses another wrapper (COM) that allows me to embed OOo in a form. But all the stuff is done in the OCX wrapper. If your idea is to test the smallest sample possible that reproduces the error I can get it (that's what I have at the momment), but it needs a client to call it, and I don't know how to make one with VB yet :(

Some more info:

1. I'm unable to close the document (or the frame). After forcing a dispose hasMoreComponents is still true, and if I create a new document after that, it is created without margins or the frame(?) (that allows us to write on it), but the interception still works, so I think that something inside the dispatch process is preventing the document (or the Frame) to close.

2. I tried to register a CloseListener with both the Document OR the Frame. If with the document, oDocument.close(true) doesn't throw a CloseVetoException if the CloseListener is removed inside queryClosing (but it doesn't close), but with the Frame CloseVetoException is thrown either way.

So, believing that nothing is wrong with the interception OOo core, I think I only need to know something more about what to do before releasing the Interception (or during the Interception self work - StatusListener, FeatureStateEvent,...)

Thank you for your time

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