Hi Clayton,

in May I posted:
> Hi there,
> maybe a stupid question: but is there a means available in the OOo
> Wiki to get renderings of whole chapters (e.g. "writer") with all
> subchapters, such that one could create a hard-copy printout of it (to
> be read while at vacation, in a restroom, etc.) that matches the old
> PDF-developer guide?
to which you were kind enought to reply and give links to various
documentations and aspects of the current state of the collection
functionality added to the Wiki, which should allow to create collection
of Wiki pages contained in a PDF and/or ODF.

Today, I followed a few Wiki links given in various postings, and
"stumbled" again over the desire/need to create a collection from a
topic, including all sub-topics (as depicted in the overview box on the
upper right-hand side). It seems that it is still not possible to add a
Wiki page to the collection, indicating that all sub-pages (links in the
upper right hand box) should be included (recursively, if sub-pages
would have sub-pages themselves).

Even looking up your links, I could not find an "easy" way to create a
sort of DevGuide chapter with all subsections. :(

Here are the links I went through:

---------------- cut here -----------------
from your post 5/22/2008:

    A few options we are experimenting with:
     - I blogged about one here:
     - A second possibility is this MediaWiki Extension set by
    PediaPress: http://code.pediapress.com/wiki/wiki  (this is the one I
    hope to have available for testing soon).

    The first option is already available on the OOoWiki, but not yet
    working properly.  You can find it here:
    http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Special:Wiki2XML  The
    DocBook segments do not yet work as I have not had a chance to
    install and configure DocBook on the Wiki server.  The ODF part
    fails (but can be worked around) as described in the blog entry above.

from your post 6/17/2008:

    Please read the help for this extension before you try to use it:

    Also, the actual conversion is done on an external server right now
    (we are looking at setting things up so that the conversion can be
    done locally) so please keep that in mind as you use this feature.

     - You can have a maximum of 500 pages per PDF.
     - Wide tables can make the PDF conversion fail.

    Still to fix/get working:
     - The Template Blacklist feature is still not working right.
     - Premade collections for each chapter for the Developer's Guide
    still need to be built and linked (I will do that soon).  The
    Collections can be found in the Collections category:

---------------- cut here -----------------

So I am wondering whether I overlook the obvious and would be greatful
for any further hints/comments...


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