On 11/26/08 16:09, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:
Hi Stephan,
how about X loading Y loading Z dynamically on all mentioned platforms?
Would that be possible?
(This might allow a single package to be used on multiple operating
systems picking the appropriate libraries at runtime.)
For X (that can link against sal) the way to dynamically load Y next
to itself is to use osl_loadModuleRelative.  Problems arise if third
party Y is written so poorly that it fails to dynamically load Z next
to itself.
So would that mean that Y, realizing where it is located (and knowing
where Z is located relative to it), would be able to dynamic load Z,
given that an absolute path to it is used by Y?

Are we talking past each other? If Y knows where it is located and knows where Z is located relative to it, of course it can compute an absolute filepath for Z and load it.


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