Hallo Frank, still there ? :-)

I think that 99 % of the current OO users , (even this who nows there way in the API and macro's) have NO access to the Database structures they are connecting to. We uses OO as a handy tool to have access to different information stored in Tables who not can been altered A table structure do not always deliver the content we need in our OO-docs, so I started to play with SQL statements who gives me the data i need (out of several tables). You explained me to use this SQL statements for making a new Beamer, so far so good.
Now I have my ideal content in a beamer but:
- the "Data to text" and "Data to Fields" buttons are not available in this Beamer - using "merge printing" do not works because the SQL Statement is not recognised as a "connection"

OK: I can easely overcome this problems by using some Basic code and using Placeholders instead of database Fields, but for a more common user the beamer out of a SQL statement is virtualy useless. So I asking why is OO using the conection to the Database for retrieving data into datbase fields and simpy not uses the data who is available in the resultset in the DSB ?

Hope it helps to make OO better


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